Little Black Book

Mick (Nick Simpson-Deeks)


/// World Premiere

Mick is dead. Mick is in Purgatory. Purgatory is in a Kings Cross cellar bar guarded by three singing archetypes – The Diva, The Housewife, The Hooker – and accompanied by a hapless, mute, piano man. Tonight Mick faces the greatest test of his recent death: he has one hour to find a woman who’ll vouch for his soul and stop it being sent to Hell. Amid phone calls from a guy called God and the inhabitants of a trusty alphabetic address book, Mick discovers an unexpected destiny through a very special girl.

Director & Dramaturge: ANDREW DAVIDSON
Musical Director: LUKE BYRNE
Designer & Photographer: GRANT BUCHANAN

The Guys with the Stuff
Bar Me Cabaret Room, Sydney