On the Razzle

Vienna: Marie (Nicole Dimitriadis), Nightclub Singer (Gina Drew) & Phillipine (Laura Farran)


Tom Stoppard’s glorious comedy is based a story best known as Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker and Jerry Herman’s Hello, Dolly! Two suburban shop assistants escape to the big city for a day of shenanigans, mistaken identities, malapropisms and romance. The cat’s away, so the mice will play … in this hot new production set in 21st century Vienna, home of the original urban myth as told by Johann Nestroy in Einen Jux Will Er Sich Machen.

Playwright: TOM STOPPARD
Costume Designer: MEGAN VENHOEK
Lighting Designer: MATT COX
Photographer: BRETT BOARDMAN

Australian Academy of Dramatic Art
Pilgrim Theatre, Sydney
December 2011