26 Things to Do Before You Turn 35

Archaeological dig of Tutankhamen’s tomb.
Buy Christian Loubitan shoes.
Cartwheel across the Sahara desert.
Dive off the highest diving board at the swimming pool.
Enter a pie-eating contest.
Find gold.
Grape crushing in Italy.
Hang gliding.
Igloo exploring.
Jump on a trampoline all day without stopping.
Knock and run on Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s door.
Let your pet type all your emails for one day.
Make a random stranger laugh.
Never again be ashamed of liking “Weekend at Bernie’s Two”.
Open Pandora’s box.
Pretend to be royalty and see how many people believe you.
Read every book in the library.
Send a message in a bottle.
Travel to every place in the world.
Understand all types of poetry.
Vigorously dance the night away every weekend.
Win a chess game.
Xenophobia: Eliminate it.
Yodel in the Swiss Alps.
Zebra farm: Own one.

Copyright Amelia Ulrick 2008